tirsdag 10. juni 2014

Spinning again

In the end of March I attended my first spinning retreat here in Trondheim, and both before and after, I was hooked on spinning. As a result, I soaked and "thwacked" three skeins a couple of weekes ago, and I'm pretty happy with all of them.
To the left is about 466 metres of two-plied goodnes from IntoTheWhirled, Superwash merino called "Take it to the bridge". Then we have 340 metres of chain plied "Sailors Delight" from Cattail Knits, which is 50% Superwash merino, 25% bamboo and 25% silk. The rainbow to the right is Woolgatherings mixed BFL, 282 metres. The "colourway" name is BFLM08201301. This one really is also chain plied, and really floofed up after the soaking. 

Like usual, I don't have any plans for these, they will marinate in the stash for a while, until I figure out what I want to use them for. 

torsdag 29. mai 2014

Face your fear

One of the things I've felt important to me, as an adult, is to face my fears. At least some of them. Maybe especially the fear of flying, as I love to travel. It was easier to travel when I lived in Oslo, and worked in a travel agency, in a few years I visited Japan twice, travelled around the world once, and got quite a few trips to differents cities in Europe. My fear of flying wasn't exactly cured, but it was close.
Sydney, seen from Taronga Zoo, year 2000

There haven't been that much travelling the last few years, for a number of reasons, so my fear of flying is slowly, but surely coming back. When I realized that the plane for one of the trips I'm going on this summer, seems to carry max 68 passengers, I could almost feel my heart beating faster, and my shoulders rising up to my ears. Any plane carrying less than 150 passengers is too small, in my eyes. The bigger, the better. But, it's time to face my fear again, and show it who's the boss. I shall beat my fear, it shall not beat me.
Skyjump, picture borrowed from Skywalk.co.nz

What I would love to do for my 40th birthday (in less than two years, yikes!!), is to jump off the Sky
Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Both getting there, and jumping, would be the ultimate challenge.
I got the idea from The biggest loser season 11, I think, where they went to New Zealand, and actually jumped from the tower. It looked amazing!

onsdag 28. mai 2014

Cillit BANG!

Just before Easter, we had a water leakage from the apartment above us. It turned out to be a crack in the flooring upstairs, which had caused a leakage to the drain, or something.

So, after a couple of days, a carpenter came, and removed the ceiling, to check the damage. This left quite a mess, and lots of sawdust, so when he left, I cleaned the bathroom so it was squeaky clean. We weren't sure how long we had to wait for a new ceiling, but we were told that the owner upstairs (who lives in another part of the country), had to fix the flooring before we could get a new ceiling. So, the waiting game started.

Then I got an email from Buzzador, that I had got in their Cillt BANG campaign, and would be testing Cillit
BANG! Since we were waiting for the new ceiling, and I wanted to test Cillit BANG in the shower and the sink, I decied not to wash the shower for a while.

I think I waited for a month and a half, or so, and the shower had some chalk deposits. I used the Cillit BANG Active Foam on the floor, waited for about ten minutes, found my sponge and was ready to scrub, like I usually hav to do. But no, not with this one! The chalk deposits seemed to now lay on top on the foam, making it yellow-ish, and I just had to mildy go over with the sponge! The floor was squeaky clean, with no hard scrubbing! I was very impressed!

Tommy tried the Power cleaner spray for the shower walls later, and had the same efffect. The only "problem" with the spray, was that he had to spray a lot, to cover the walls, the spray area was very narrow. So, for larger areas, the foam is probably better. I tried the spray on some tough spots I've had problems with on the sink (I think they were chalk deposits), and after spraying, waiting a few minutes, and using and old toothbrush to reach under the faucet, the spots were gone!

I would not recommend using these ones all the time, though, as tests have shown that powerful cleaning agents like this, apparently can break down protecting membranes on tiles, and other smooth surfaces. So, to use a milder cleaning agent most of the time, and Cillit BANG every now and then, may perhaps be the best solution. That's what I'll be doing from now on. I'll also try to find out if we can use the Power Cleaner Grease & Sparkle ("Anti-fett" in Norwegian) on some tough spots on the wall behind the oven in the kitchen. If so, I think I may need to take before and after pics, because nothing has helped on those spots.

Now, if you've read all your way through here, and read this before or during 15 June 2014, I would appreciate if you could do me a favour, and go to Buzztrack, and enter the code 818027054, so that Buzzador can track my "buzzing". Thank you so much!

lørdag 24. mai 2014

New topic - reviews

Picture borrowed from http://www.grabgreenhome.com/.
It's no secret that I prefer to shop on the Internet, than in "real" stores. One of the reasons for that, is that it's easier to find the things I want, on the 'net. If there's something in particular I'm looking for, I like to search around, read reviews, etc, which made me realize that I want to write my own reviews, too, here, on my blog. So, from now on, reviews will be tagged with "Reviews", so it will be easy to find. You could also search the blog, if there's something you're looking for.

So, first up will be a short review of a dishwasher detergent. We've been having problems with the detergent recommended in the manual for our dishwasher, the dishes sometimes looks "sandy", even when the filter is clean. So I looked up GrabGreen on iHerb, and tested one bag. Shiny clean dishes! Then we went back to the last bag we had of the "recommended" brand, and oh, what a pain! I have to clean the filter more often, and there's still "sand" on some of the dishes. So, I have now bought a new bag of GrabGreen, and will also test Ecover.

If you want to try this detergent, too, or any other products from iHerb, use the code QEX019 to get discount on your first iHerb order. Orders of $40 or more receive the maximum $10 discount, while smaller orders receive $5 off.

fredag 23. mai 2014

Not quite gone

Well, hello there!

If you're a returning visitor, hello again, I guess you hadn't expected to see me again, had you? Well, I have been thinking about returning for a while now, but I just never got around to it. Well, here I am, and I'll try to update every now and then, about this and that, not just knitting and spinning.

Life is going well, I have been working 60% the last couple of years, due to my headaches, that I've had since February 2009. I may be closer to a reason behind them, but won't know more until I've seen the neurologist later this year. I woke up one night and remembered that I had viral meningitis when I was 15 months old, after having the mumps, and googled, as you do. Well, it seems that a lot of people are having long term after effects from meningitis. I don't know if it will mean any changes in medicine, or if there's anything I can do about it, but just being a step closer to a reason behind it all, feels really good. I've been wondering why I get these headaches, and even though I'm not constantly thinking about it, it's still been bugging me. So, I look forward to visiting the neurologist, and hearing his/her opinion.

I feel that I've tried everything under the sun to get better (yes, I've even stopped drinking caffeine! :-o ), so I can hardly wait to get the appointment. Currently I'm apparently on a wait list, so I guess I have to be patient... ;-)

Well, I guess that's it for today, it's good to see you again. I will leave you with a picture of my knitting these days,  Hverdagsjakka by Pinneguri.


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