fredag 2. april 2010

Easter time

First of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. There are several reasons for that, actually. Life has been a bit challenging lately, to be honest. We’ve been moving at work, from a several offices area to a open landscape, and that combined with our department (approx 20 people) being more or less without a leader for a couple of months, getting new tasks that we’re not quite sure about, and having more than enough to do from before, well, let’s just say we struggle a but at work these days. So, when I could take my Easter vacation after worked half a day on Wednesday, I was very pleased.

Also, things are happening with my family in the north, things I have no control over, and can do nothing about, just watch happening. The worst part is that someone is being hurt, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it! If I could, I’d be more than happy to trade places, but I can’t.

So, on to some more interesting news, perhaps. I’ve finished two pairs of Mitered mittens since I blogged last time. This pair for my mother, knitted in Noro Silk Garden colour 267.

And also this pair, for my oldest sister, knitted in Noro Silk Garden colour 292. I know, they look like they’re knitted with twocompletely different colours, but the labels said it’s the same.

Both pairs were birthday gifts, and I was a bit nervous about the pink/purple pair, I had to add a note to them, saying that I’d knit her a new pair if she wanted two mittens that matched more. I wouldn’t blame her if she did. But, luckily she loved them, and I got a MMS from her the other day with a picture of her wearing them, saying she uses them, so I guess we got a happy ending there. :)

Amongst other news, we’ve bought ourselves a new camera, a Canon EOS 550D (picture ganked from Canon). We’ve only had it for a few days, so we haven’t tested it properly yet, but I do look forward to trying it out. I am considering buying a portable photo studio as well, something like this, but we’ll see.   EOS_550D

3 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer med nytt kamera! Flotte votter. Det er rart hvordan samme garn kan være så forskjellig avogtil. Huff, det er fælt når folk en er glad i har det vondt, og det ikke er noe vi kan gjøre med det! Ønsker deg gode påskedager videre!

  2. hei så mange fine votter og sokker du strikker, kule !!!. har tittet litt rund på dette med å kjøpe garn på nett. hvor anbefaller du å kjøpe garn. skulle hatt ullgarn til hekling og strikking..

  3. tusen takk for svar, og sjø mat må du prøve.. er bedre en du tror og så enkelt.



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